Form & formless

Ellen Formless studio picFor the last several years I’ve been working on a project that shares a philosophical viewpoint of mine.

Form and formless….

For those who know me then you are already aware that I am interested in free improvisation, working with sound and the effects it has on cognition, emotions, and our physical bodies. i have been influenced by many types of music throughout my life and my professional career. Everything from blues, jazz, classical, musical theater, pop, folk, bluegrass, electronic, world music, meditative and healing music.

So this project was part of an ongoing journey to explore what intuitively lives inside of me. Half of the recording was created out of nothing, formless, just sitting in the studio with two beautiful and amazing guitar virtuosos, John Stowell and Larry Koonse. We both waited for the music to emerge as opposed to coming in with predetermined songs.

The other half of the recording was predetermined songs that have been a part of my musical journey for the last thirty years. Songs that have lived with me, traveled with me and been with me as I’ve matured through the years. Those songs found their place in the “form” category with prepared lead sheets that held the structure of their existence in rhythm, melody and harmony.

Within the formless we created new forms and within the form we created formless sections through improvisation or being in the moment with our instincts and emotions. It is this concept that captivates me as I see it in everything – the duality of the universe.

So this project adheres to the balance of life by allowing sounds to flow freely, strings to vibrate without designated direction and musicians to listen intently in the center of each breath.

All of the tracks are completed. Now onto the final mastering.

More to come.


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