For 2012

This poem is from a CD I produced based on the Cups from the Tarot cards.

Each poem was based on several versions of cards and research I did on each card. Then I had this idea to add music to each poem that represented the card. The result was a project called “Cups of The Heart.”  It’s available on iTunes and CD Baby.  All poems have a copyright.

This one seemed appropriate for the new year.

(Photo of whale and dolphin by: L Mazzuza)



Ocean mother of the soul

Born of water

Formed from water

Keeper of the emotional wisdom

And inner vision

The mermaid muse

Merging sea and sky

And all that lies

Beneath the foamy underworld

Seducing the imaginative spirit

She swallows you whole

Into the realm of the feminine

The heart queen

Who can only be seen

By artistic emerald eyes

Or heard by passionate sighs

Wise enchantress

Who inspires deeper dreams

To all who seek her knowledge

The healing truth she brings

Ellen Johnson (from Cups of the Heart)


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