I’m getting down to the wire on this book and it suddenly hits me how intricate a butterflies-bluemorpho-wolinsky_1365_600x450person’s life can be. We tend to see our accomplishments in sections of time but forget the little steps that made it happen.

I think of our lives like the lights on a Christmas tree. We don’t see the wire that connects those lit up moments nor the electricity that keeps it charged. The wire is the everyday efforts we make to accomplish anything in our lives. Practicing, exercising, changing diapers, or building the house. Without those deeds there would be nothing.

And yet we tend to focus on the results more than the process.

People have been known to say that the real enjoyment was the journey to their goals. I think that’s true but many of us are so focused on “getting somewhere” that we forget how lovely the trip is along the way.

I’m not saying anything new here. We’ve all heard this before.

Remember the movie Groundhog Day? Most people love that movie. And what made it really interesting was not whether Bill Murray ended up with Andie MacDowell but what happened to him each new day. Over time we saw him learn to play the piano, make long term friendships and eventually learn to be a better human.

I wonder if our obsessiveness about “being someone” has clouded the beauty of “becoming.”

In the meantime, I’m back to the process of writing.


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